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Hide and Hunt for Slow Sanchez Easter Eggs — Socially Distanced Of Course.

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

On April 3rd. and 4th., we'll be hosting our socially distanced “Easter Egg Walk.” We hope you will join us by hiding and/or hunting for eggs. Download the Egg Map.

Hide Eggs

If you live on or near Slow Sanchez (near means Noe, Church or the streets that cross Sanchez between Noe and Church) we would be very grateful if you can attach an egg (probably best if it's not real) to your doors or windows facing the street. If you don't want to make an egg, email me and I'll get you one.

Any egg-like shape/color/texture is fine. 3D eggs are encouraged.

Hunt for Eggs - Win Prizes

Walk around Slow Sanchez to find easter eggs on houses and apartments—as well as on trees and plants. To win prizes, pick up a map at the tables on Slow Sanchez and mark your finds. We'll have prizes for everybody. Download the Egg Map.

Why We're Doing This

Sanchez Street has become a lifeline for families and individuals in Noe Valley. It is a safe meeting area and walkway for neighbors, both those who have lived here for decades and newer arrivals. It is a place where new puppy owners socialize their dogs, new parents take their babies out, people of all ages enjoy the fresh air, and children learn to ride bikes. This strong sense of community and caring has grown, and we want to continue to build upon it.

So, following our successful Slow Sanchez Valentine's Day event, we're excited to announce this one. And there will be more in the future.

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