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Members of the SFMTA Board of Directors,

Supervisor Mandelman (District 8),

SFPD leadership, SFPUC leadership, DPW leadership, and

Mayor’s office of Neighborhood Services

We, the undersigned, are writing to support designating Sanchez street in Noe Valley as a permanent slow street.  While the original intent of the Slow Street program was an emergency response to shelter-in-place order, we believe the Sanchez slow street has tremendous value for our community after the pandemic resides.

Sanchez slow street has become the heart of Noe Valley, benefitting both individuals and families in the neighborhood. This shared space offers walkers, joggers, and bicyclists immense opportunity to enjoy our neighborhood and foster community bonds. The street has also demonstrated that cars, bikers, and walkers can co-exist, allowing our neighbors to park and get deliveries easily while greatly expanding Noe Valley’s outdoor space.

As one example, our Halloween walk brought much joy and exemplified the resilience and solidarity of greater Noe Valley, providing an opportunity for new neighbors to meet old neighbors during the pandemic.  Children have learned to ride bicycles on this street, thanks to its safe environment.  Neighbors on and around Sanchez street have added much charm with rainbow light displays, chalk art paintings, outdoor performances, and a general sense of friendly community.

The Sanchez slow street has also been beneficial for our local merchants, not just on Sanchez itself but also on the nearby 24th street and 30th street commercial corridors.

As Noe Valley neighbors, Sanchez Street residents, and users of the slow street on Sanchez, we request the following support from the city;

  1. SFMTA - Make the current footprint of the slow street on Sanchez permanent.

  2. SFMTA - Repair and/or install safety infrastructure and signages with clear shared use marking at the intersections (4-way) immediately.

  3. SFMTA - Invite Friends of Slow Sanchez as a stakeholder to a design discussion on potential permanent treatments on Sanchez slow street.

  4. SFPD - schedule regular walking patrols of Sanchez to deter criminality and petty theft, which is increasingly plaguing the broader Noe Valley community.

  5. SFPUC - Install additional streetlights appropriate to the neighborhood to promote safety during evening usage.

  6. DPW - install additional trash receptacles on Sanchez street, and double the frequency of collection for the ones on 24th, 26th and Day street.