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Support Slow Sanchez at the August 3rd 1pm SFMTA Board Meeting

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

On August 3rd, the SFMTA board will be voting to make the slow street on Sanchez permanent. We need your support to make sure we #KeepSanchezSlow

The meeting starts at 1pm. We'll be posting updates for when public comment is open on our twitter, facebook and instagram accounts on the day of the meeting

The SFMTA listing for the meeting is at:

Public Comment Call-In: 888.808.6929 / Access Code: 9961164

1. When prompted, dial "1 - 0" to be added to the speaker line. The auto-prompt will indicate callers are entering "Question and Answer" time; this is actually the "Public Comment" period.

2. When you hear the voice say "The meeting leader has unmuted your line", please state your support such as "My name is ________ and I live in district ____ and I support keeping Sanchez street slow. I ask the board to vote to approve."

With your help, we will #KeepSanchezSlow

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