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Slow Sanchez February Newsletter

The Friends of Slow Sanchez started June 4 with a love for the San Francisco Slow streets program and a concern for the safety of the Sanchez slow street (only half of the intersections were marked). Once the initial safety concerns were met, we created a steering committee, which held its first weekly meeting on December 10, 2020. Our volunteer program kicked off January 25, 2021.

Here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • 431 Noe Valley Neighbors have joined Friends of Slow Sanchez

  • $8,715 has been donated to support Friends of Slow Sanchez projects from 69 people (average $126 per donation)

  • 398 surveys completed

  • 94% support for permanent Slow Sanchez (398 respondents)

  • 82% support from Sanchez Street residents (59 respondents)

  • 14 intersections prominently marked with Slow Street signs and barriers

  • > 100 mirror hangers distributed to Sanchez Street residents to promote courtesy to drivers

  • > 150 posters distributed to Slow Sanchez residents, merchants and supporters

  • > 500 stickers distributed

  • 31 volunteers across 4 teams: safety; art & fun; landscape; outreach & fundraising

  • 2 community meetings to discuss the Sanchez slow street program and answer questions from neighbors (1/28, 2/4)

In the next month, we will start publishing a calendar to track upcoming activities across the four Slow Sanchez volunteer teams.

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