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Slow Sanchez Extended - Let's Reinvent San Francisco OK?

The SFMTA board voted today to keep Sanchez Slow! This is a huge step forward in redefining how we use streets in our city, making them more people-centric.

We gathered as a neighborhood on Slow Sanchez during the pandemic to experience community and connection. Now we have an opportunity to continue building community by making our Slow Sanchez:

  1. Safe for kids: how wonderful to see kids on scooters, trikes and strollers on our streets! How scary that not everyone driving on our streets is looking out for our kids!

  2. Respectful for neighbors: how do we continue a positive discussion with our neighbors about how to address noise, trash and congestion issues on our streets?

  3. A catalyst for community: do you want to build a better Noe Valley? Join us! Give us ideas about how to make Slow Sanchez better! Contact to get involved!

Noe Valley is leading the way here! SF Chronicle writer Peter Hartlaub said; "@slowsanchezsf

is one of the best-executed Slow Streets that I’ve seen."

Your support, your actions made this possible. We can build a better San Francisco now - we just need a little imagination and chutzpah - what are you waiting for?

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1 Comment

Fabienne Blanc
Fabienne Blanc
Aug 04, 2021

Re trash: how do we get one or several of the new trashcans similar to the one at Noe & 24th? It might help in particular across from Noe Cafe, since that trashcan seems to always be overflowing.

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