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Reinvent San Francisco One Street At A Time

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Welcome to the Slow Sanchez blog, dedicated to the proposition that we have an opportunity to reinvent the city we love one street at a time. The purpose of this web site is to promote dialog in our community about how to get the most our of the Sanchez slow street.

San Francisco announced the slow street program in May, 2020, instantly creating safe, joyful community spaces to help neighbors connect safely during the pandemic.

Right now, the Noe Valley slow street stretches along Sanchez Street from 23rd to 30th. Of the 15 intersections along Slow Sanchez, 8 have signage and 7 have no signs. There is widespread community support for Slow Sanchez but some safety concerns from parents as well as some frustration from drivers.

Do It Yourself Signage on Slow Sanchez

Here are some ideas Noe Valley neighbors have come up with for improving Slow Sanchez:

  1. Raise money to put signs at every intersection - this seems like the easiest way to make Sanchez safe for pedestrians and less frustrating for motorists.

  2. "Friends of Slow Sanchez" mailing list - gather ideas for community building while minimizing difficulties for drivers and delivery vehicles

  3. Community listening session with Supervisor Rafael Mandelman - invite neighbors to a socially distanced community dialog on making Slow Sanchez work.

  4. Activating the street with art, flower boxes, benches - look for ways to make the space more of a community resource

What ideas do you have? Contact us at or follow us on twitter at @slowsanchezsf

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