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Noe Plant Swap 5/18

Updated: May 5

The Noe Plant Swap is an event where plant owners can come together to swap plants. The plant swap is part of the Noe Valley Garden Tour and is raising money to beautify Slow Sanchez.


Q: Do I need a ticket? A: The Noe Plant Swap is free but we encourage everyone to get tickets for the Noe Valley Garden Tour!

Q: Are kids welcome? A: Yes! Kids get their own succulent courtesy of Urban Scout.

Q: What kind of plants can I swap? A: Any healthy indoor or outdoor plant is welcome:

  • Seedlings - bring seedlings in a small pot + label.

  • Cuttings - bring cuttings in a small pot or wet towel + plastic bag + label.

Q: What if I don’t have any plants? A: Bring a packet of seeds or a store-bought plant!

Q: Who sponsors the Noe Plant Swap? A: The Noe Plant Swap is part of the Noe Garden Tour. Urban Scout is sponsoring plants for kids. Friends of the Urban Forest will be on hand to answer questions about getting sidewalk trees and gardens.

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