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Make Sanchez Look Amazing - Join the Gallery of Garages!

Imagine an outdoor gallery along Slow Sanchez including murals, sculptures and street art all combining to enrich our community. You can help make that happen! Friends of Slow Sanchez was inspired by Inga Bard (founder of Art for Civic Discourse) and the team at Paint the Void. We are taking a similar approach to nurture art along Sanchez Street between 23rd and 30th streets. We are also collecting donations to support our arts and landscaping projects. We are asking our Sanchez Street neighbors to consider making a garage or wall available for a local artist to beautify. You can pick a local SF artist from this Gallery whose work appeals to you and get a price quote from that artist (most of them are on Instagram). Let us know how much you are willing to spend and we will fundraise for the rest. If you want a fun/fast way to participate, you can contact Jeremy Novy to paint a koi fish or other design on your sidewalk. Let's turn Slow Sanchez into a celebration of San Francisco art and community!

Artist credit for Felicia Gabaldon:

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